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Friday, February 10th, 2012 at 10:00am -- Holly Wright

In the last couple months, we've had a flurry of new higher education sites launched by clients using Cascade Server. While we aren't surprised to see the variety of different things you can accomplish using our CMS, we are consistently impressed by your implementations. In addition to showcasing these amazing new site launches, we also want to hear your feedback on which site launches are the most interesting and impressive to you. Hearing your opinions only helps us serve you better, so after you've looked at the new sites, leave a comment about the one you think had the best launch. It doesn't matter if your interests lie in design, new features, navigation, school colors or something else. We just want to hear from you!

Also, if you've recently launched a new site (no matter how small or large), please tweet is to us @hannon_hill, so we can add you to the list or feature you next time. As I said before, we love seeing your implementations!

New Sites Powered by Cascade Server CMS

Here are the new sites powered by Cascade that have launched in the last few months:

University of California, San Diego

UC San Diego New Site Launch Using Cascade Server

University of California, San Diego recently launched a new site that takes advantage of the responsive design so its website adapts to users' behavior and environment. The site's layout changes depending on the orientation and screen size of the user's device--whether it is a smart phone, tablet or full-size desktop screen. Visit their site!

Lindenwood University and Lindenwood Bellevue

Lindenwood Launched a new site Using Cascade Server CMS

Lindenwood actually launched two new sites simultaneously! Check out Lindenwood University and Lindenwood Bellevue

Lindenwood Bellevue launched new site using Cascade Server

Emory University Newsroom

Emory University uses Cascade Server for its Newsroom

Emory University keeps their constituents abreast of campus news and events through their website's newsroom, powered by Cascade Server. Visit their site!

Sierra College

Sierra College Uses Cascade Server for Dynamic Navigation

Sierra College uses dynamic navigation on its site to generate navigation tabs for its visitors based on pages that are created in Cascade Server. Visit their site!

University of California, Davis

UC Davis Uses Cascade Server for its new site design

University of California, Davis launched their new site a few months ago, overhauling their entire web design. Their use of a fully expandable navigation bar and large images make their site a real beauty. See their site!

Indiana University - Purdue University Indianapolis

Indiana University uses Cascade Server for their online Magazine

Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis uses Cascade Server to power its online magazine, which it launched in late 2011. Check out the site!

Lamar University

Lamar University uses Cascade Server CMS

Lamar University launched its new site in early 2011 and also puts a big emphasis on clean design and large images. Take a look!

Which site do you like best?

Please leave your comments below, or feel free to send us a tweet @hannon_hill or #cascadeserver.

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